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Apple TestFlight Beta Review Must know Tips

posted by shuwan, January 31, 2015, 4:00 pm, in 'Others'

I was preparing my game Prison Break RPG for TestFlight.
Due to lack of information on Apple's page and tutorial on other sites, I wasted 6 days just to understand Apple's TestFlight beta review.

Here are some tips so others don't make the same mistake as me!


tips #1: Don't wait for proccessing
When you upload a build, it will take some time to process. Don't wait if it takes more 5 minutes!
My first uploaded build is stuck at processing forever. Luckily I only waited a few hours before I decided to upload another build. It was processed within 2 minutes.

tips #2: Don't submit during weekend!
If you submit your build on Saturday, it is probably going to be approved the same time as those submitted on Monday.
I submitted for Beta App Review on Saturday, it was in review for 2 and half days before being approved.
According to other people's experience it only takes 6~24 hrs on weekdays.

tips #3: Submit build with the SAME VERSION to avoid going through Beta App Review again!
For CoronaSDK users, when you build the app, remember to use the same version! The build number is automatically changed so we don't need to worried about it.

tips #4: Check before you submit for beta review!
Before you click Submit for Beta App Review button, MAKE SURE there is an option to tick there is no significant changes!

The next page will also ask if you have added encryption since previous build.

tips #5: Only 2 Builds per day!
I didn't know we need to submit the app with the same Version to avoid beta review.
I submitted a build, clicked submit for review and realized I must wait again, so I rejected the build.
I submitted again a build with similar version, 1.0.1 to 1.0.2 and it also needed to wait for review, so I rejected the build again.
Finally the third time I got it right, but I can't submit for review anymore cause only 2 builds allowed per day!
I wasn't able to submit the self rejected builds as well! I am stuck for 24 hrs.

tips #6: support Prison Life RPG!
Joking! Thats the end of my tips.
However if you are interested about my game, click here for more info!
I am currently doing one last round of beta testing, if you are interested, please sign up!
Hopefully I can release the game in FEB!

Thank you for reading.