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posted by shuwan, May 3, 2012, 4:00 pm, in 'Game Launch'

A deep and refreshing take on the infinite auto-scroller, Dragon Evolution might just bring back some players who have long since tired of the genre! -4/5 iFanzine

Dragon Evolution is an unusual game that is surprisingly addictive!- insidemobileapp

There’s definitely some unique and creative thinking behind this bundle of fantastic graphics, action filled gameplay and drive for a high-score. -4/5 App Shack

If you just feel like rampaging through a great looking environment and mindlessly crushing tribesmen with your head, then I cannot recommend this enough." - 9/10 app-score

The integration of RPG elements makes the game stand out amongst the dozens and dozens of casual games -capsulecomputer

Dragon evolution illustrates the new idea of the side scroll action game.

You will be able to breathe fire, attack from the sky, spawn baby dragons, and more! -app advice

Featured as iOS Game Suggestions by capsulecomputer

This strategy-heavy auto-scroller looks poised to freshen up the genre! - Preview by 【独家预览】

create your own unique dragon and fight against the evil tribe!

This strategy-heavy auto-scroller looks poised to freshen up the genre! -
The evil tribal men are stealing dragon eggs for food! Can you help the dragon to fight the evil tribe?
Evolve into a powerful dragon in 9 years!

★EVOLUTION: 8 elements to choose from!
★SKILLS: 36 special skills to unlock!

★WORLD: travel through 9 different world!

★TRIBAL MEN: fight the evil warriors and arrow shooters, destroy castles, towers, totems and catapult!
★DRAGON: create your own unique dragon! Each element affects the skills, stats and appearance of your dragon.
★MISSIONS: complete 80+ missions to increase score multiplier!
★GRAPHIC: stylish artwork and cool animation!

• Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Available on the App Store!

Cross-platform Mobile App Development Showcase

What is inside: screenshots, logo, game description

What is inside: trailer 960x720 wmv


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User GravatarRasel
Your posting is ableoutsly on the point!

User GravatarHandebol
This game is sooooooooooo fun! I loved every miunte of it. It's so unique, I hope a squeal comes out showing the rest of the school year, and carrying data over from the 1st one, that would be badass. [url=]liadzhs[

User GravatarTiago
People nolramly pay me for this and you are giving it away!

User GravatarRasel
etot kurginyan soladt rothschildov! ego tozhe raskrutshiwaut w Rossii dlja psewdosozialisma po trotskomu (nowi tolpolitarism) i raswala Rossii (revoluzia kak eto uzhe bilo) Info pro kurginyana na KPE. ru !!!Dmitri Slawoljubov ..wash bibleiski projek

User GravatarBlade1212
Bought it, Loved it :3, But if the eyes moved and reacted more to situations. I think it'd make a world of a difference

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User GravatarZaliponKD
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User Gravatarandika
ingin maen

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