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Finding Santa Christmas Special

posted by shuwan, December 16, 2011, 4:00 pm, in 'Game Launch'

Ho Ho Ho! Can you find Santa and his friends?

"Buy this game for your kids with the knowledge that you’ll be secretly trying to conquer the levels when the young ‘uns are distracted"
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"The graphics of Finding Santa are one you will not forget. The animations are incredible and very fun to look at. The colors of this game blend and fit together perfectly. With extremely detailed buildings and characters, this game is a lot of fun to play with." -
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If you like Where's Wally or Spot The Difference game, you will love Finding Santa!

Great Game for the Entire Family!
Full HD support for iPad!

Search for various characters such as elf, deer, snowman, gingerbread man, Santa in disguise and many many more!

39 maps to explore, each map features an unique house built with bedrooms, toy factory, corridor, restaurants, gift wrapping workshop, and many other type of rooms!

Interact with buildings to view the characters!
Tap to open door and find out whose behind, unwrap the present and see whose hiding inside, switch on the light to view the room, and many other ways to interact with buildings!

Can you unlock all 25 characters and 21 buildings?

Finding Santa is an appealing hidden object game with cute graphics and animation. It is easy to play, simple and fun!

★Full HD graphic for iPhone & iPad
★Cute graphics and animations
★25 characters to discover
★21 buildings to discover
★39 stages
★Game Center
★listen to iPod while in game!

NOTE: only tested on iPhone 3gs/iPad 1 and above
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User GravatarHenry
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User GravatarAlmeyda
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User GravatarPerseus
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User GravatarPladcal

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