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Prison Life RPG one month sales figures

posted by shuwan, April 2, 2015, 4:00 pm, in 'Others'

I wanted to write about my experience, what went wrong, what went right, my 1 year of development and the obstacles... But lets just focus on the interesting stuff :)


I was disappointed by the launch sale as we all know first day is usually the biggest sales day. I thought my 1 year of hard work was doomed. 1 week after the game was released, fantabobgames made a Let's Play series.
FantaBobGames: Let's Play Prison Life RPG youtube series in French


Many who enjoyed prison life have helped to make the prison a better place!
Game Testers: Without them, the prison would be full of bugs! They helped to keep the Toucharcade thread alive with reviews, and that's how fantabobgames discovered Prison Life RPG!
Translators: Many offered to help with French Translation and correction. Total of 17456 words! Special thanks to Guard Pikmal for rushing out the translation!
Reviewers: Many wrote very long and detailed review + strategy for the game! I am very grateful to them as RPG take so much time to play before writing a real review. An awesome review in French!
modern jamming: Detailed review + Tips and Tricks
idownloadblog: Survive, escape, or die in prison
Indie Love: The Role Playing Prison Game You Never Knew You Wanted
iPhonefaq: iOS App of the Week: Prison Life RPG
TheGameCollective: Video Review
MY PART TIME SPACE: Prison Life RPG iOS Game Review
AntyApps: Review by the biggest Polish mobile apps and games website

Guide by My Part Time Space: Prison Life RPG Guides is to provide as detail as possible guide to all prisoners!


Releasing game for iOS is like lottery, and to invest 1 year into development is a huge gamble. I didn't won the top prize(Apple Feature), but I got the 2nd prize(fantabobgames). The money has covered my last year's expense. I will be improving further on the game before moving to the next.

ps. Prison Life RPG is now available on GooglePlay and Windows Phone, get it now!!!!!

Thank you for reading, Lights out!
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