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SKY SETTLERS for iPhone and iPad

posted by shuwan, February 5, 2012, 4:00 pm, in 'Game Launch'



★New and Noteworthy for iPad games in US!




Greetings, settlers!
Welcome to Sky Land, an island floating above the clouds!
Can you develop Sky Land into a big city and manage the settlers?

★Create your own island with cool buildings, watch settlers as they work!
★Once in a while, Batterycruiser lands in Sky Land's airport! Send settlers to work in Batterycruiser and earn batteries!

★Order new types of building and homes for settlers to work in!
★Guide visitors and they will reward you with coins or batteries!
★Find the missing robot and he will give you a spare battery!

★Expand your Sky Land, make space for more buildings!
★Upgrade transportation speed, visitors reach destination earlier!

★Game Center achievements
★listen to iPod while in game!
★Full HD graphic for iPhone & iPad

• Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
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9 comments on "SKY SETTLERS for iPhone and iPad"

User GravatarNatanael
Jo jeg har et bra kamera lindgege. Fikk det i presang hos dattera mi for 3 mnd siden. Jeg famler meg fram pe5 det og skjf8nner ikke se5 mye enno. men jeg le6rer av dere i klubben. Se5 har dattera ve5r (HC) et Nikon D40 og et lite lommekamera. Se5 jeg er i

User GravatarMadison
Sometimes the unique betuay of the details will keep you glued to a picture for hours. Just like these unique almost alien looking ones in this post. Great job with those pictures and thanks for sharing.

User GravatarWilliam
Wow this is a beauty of datniy. It looks like a ladies fan.It is showing off like a prize peacock effect. My imagination of course as it is you friend Lin calls it Macros. I never seen a white one. We have the yellow ones or beige.Thanks for sharing thi

User GravatarCamilla
Thanks for cotgirbunint. It's helped me understand the issues.

User GravatarKiara
Ya learn soenihtmg new everyday. It's true I guess!

User GravatarDaniel cooper
Glitch on SKY SETTLERS. I have found a glitch which alloud me to obtain many multipule battarys at the same time. Not just 5 or 6 but well over 1000 batterys in just under 5 mins I am not sure if you know about this or not but i thought id let you know. I

User GravatarEDj22
Can you add more levels please. My son loves this a lot. He reached the max number of buildings already. Thanks.

User Gravatarmasokaso
awesomes and amazings

User Gravatargeomac
you can ask for review check it out

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