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[beta]Book of Mages: The Dark Times


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May 5, 2010, 6:43 pm
just wondering not trying be rude but could it be made possible that when you start a new game and if you get picked as the clan contest can it be made possible that you could beat the mage that comes to kill you

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May 5, 2010, 6:52 pm
oh and i choose to be netrual and i fougth through the great hall

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May 6, 2010, 2:03 pm
Hi everyone, new updates :)
Thanks for all the bug reports! Lots of bug... And took me a while to solve all of them.

MagesBlood, the mage you are supposed to lose to.
After some consideration I'll keep him as it is. I have corrected his "Blood Bath" magic from 50 to 30 blood. As he triggers two events(1.the old healer saving you, 2.your revenge or learn magic from him after the young mage contest), he needs to stay undefeatable :) You can always kill him after that!

Side quests related to White/Black robe mages
Right now only a few side quests features White/Black robe mages. I agree we should have more side quests which will affect the final battle. However I ran out of mages for side quest! (If you realized, all of the mages have appeared in part of the story, some might die in the process, I have to be careful they don't appear in another quest). I could add new mages but that means more testing and more mage drawings etc. I'll keep this suggestion in mind for next game though.

dlover: I can't seem to find the costume bug you mentioned, it works fine on my game. I have corrected the text though. If anyone experienced the same problem let me know.

Book of mages 3
It won't be anytime soon, I have not start working on it. Bom2 really takes a long time to make, we'll see how popular this version is and plan out bom3 (perhaps less text and more graphics!)

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May 6, 2010, 2:04 pm
version 1.26 updates
fixed :neutral mage stuck in sea water during final battle
fixed :neutral mage choose not to go, game becomes endless

fixed :final battle duplicated black robe mages
fixed :twice can be cast with 10 special points
fixed :ice land mage freeze defend AI bugs (i think should be fixed...)
items: all items that increase attack/defend bolts should work correctly
changes: magesblood bloodbath reduce from 50 to 30
changes: magic master die, you still can learn magic
changes: you can choose to challenge magic master for ranking or learn magic
changes: Poisonous waves does 10 instead of 5 poison!
changes: mysterious mage is now a powerful chaos desert mage!!!
typo: rank 11th, arena mage says top 10
typo: Unknown Mage
typo: apprendice to apprentice
History: Now the code is much shorter!

If everything thing goes well, I will launch the game before end of this month :) We are working on a page dedicated to this game.

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May 6, 2010, 3:51 pm

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May 7, 2010, 3:28 pm
Hi Shuwan,

The game is amazing, and you are as amazing as the game!

However, there are some more things I would like to add:

1) Whenever we "receive" a new title, the word "receive" is misspelled as "recieve";

2) When we meet Iceshade in the Main City of Poison Water Clan, and when I lose to Iceshade and ask the whoever(Greentwist?) to hand over poison, I think "Don't spoil the fun" should be used instead of "Don't spoilt the fun";

3) Computers can cast Counter Bolts (CH/CL) in their own defend turns if they choose to defend with Attack bolts, but we cannot do that. we can only cast CH/CL if we cast defend bolts as basic magic only;

4) Under the same reason as of Magesblood, I would suggest to turn down some poison water mage's Decrease Special ability to decrease 30sp only; just to unify the game. Also, the clan leader Corpsedusk for some reason casts it using 70 mana while another one casts it with 50 mana, so that may need to be united too; I actually suggests to unite all the characters so that they won't cast older versions of magics in the final released version;

5) I found a problem with "java scripts", when I used a Great Sea mage to fight the mysterious hermit. When the computer casted High attack, I used High Defend + LA + HA + DB, and then the game will freeze and ask me to stop a script. And after I stop it the game will not be able to be played anymore. I hope it is only my problem; (same thing happened again when I fought with Treefire in the final battle, HD + HA + LA + DB = stop script)

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May 7, 2010, 3:43 pm

6) As mentioned by others, sometimes when the player is completely cursed by dark wood mages (effect level 10), they can still cast additional bolts with non-zero powers sometimes (but the more confusing part is, sometimes the additional bolts are with zero power though). That at least happens when I use Great Sea mage and cast DB; I believe all additional bolts are with power zero when it is player's offensive turn and non-zero when it is player's defensive turn; but if so, it looks to violate the rule of "curse";

7) I suggest to make poison wave a bit more expensive (maybe to 30 mana, same as mana leak), because poison wave + paralyze combo could be a bit too powerful if casted this cheap;

8) For the costume bug dlover mentioned, I actually see it in the older versions, but not this one anymore;

9) I would suggest to add Flamier to black robe mage in the final battle, I just so wanted to kill him the traitor!

10) I have found an interesting thing, I reached 11th in BOM and at the time Witchthorn is at 10th, but I could kill him in the Great Sea Orb event. After I actually did it the 10th changed to the magic master in Poison Water clan, but the mysterious hermit still asked me to challenge the dead mage. It only changed until I read the BOM again;

11) For the same event, actually I could have met Witchthorn in the recruitment task. But after I killed Shipsailor he still treated me as a stranger. Same thing happens for Graveanger event too I suppose;

12) I suppose TreeFire said he wanted to quit the black robes and sent a mage to ask for antidote, but he actually appeared in the final battle. I am not sure if I actually misunderstood it though.

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May 8, 2010, 2:06 pm

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May 10, 2010, 12:00 am
The duplicated black robe mages in the final battle is not fixed, last time I played the final battle the were 2 Deadspirit, 2 Frezzebone and 2 Graveanger.

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May 10, 2010, 9:57 am
Thanks for your bug reports!
version 1.27 updates

lots of typos!
Major change: All spells marked with Attack/Defend can only be used when you are in that turn. (You can use Counter High/Low in Defensive Turn, regardless which spell you cast)
changes: Decrease Special and Paralyzed requires 10 poison effects. Also fixed some poison mages who can reduce 50 special points.
changes: Poison Death requires 45 poison effect, needs 100 mana instead of 200.
changes: Flamier now appears in the Final battle. Treefire and Darkskin will not be in the final battle if you gave them the antidote.
Game freeze: I believe it is caused by too many bolts, as I limited the max number to 30. 10HD + 5HA + 5LA + 10DB is already 30 bolts. With any items you get will be more than 30! I have increased the max number of bolts from 30 to 40 this should solved the problem(might be laggy though).
Fixed: Ranking of mage bug.
Fixed: duplicated black robe mages(Sorry about last update. I am pretty sure I got it fixed this time :) Let me know if it isn't!!!)
Fixed: curse bug. Also I have decreased the maximum level of curse to 9. Enemy with 10 basic power still have 1 damage left, at least they can put up a fight!

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May 10, 2010, 12:19 pm
i got a bolt flying in the air in a circle 5 times and then it flies over my enemy's head. i hope it's a bug, i was a fire mage fighting a fire mage.

hope you gets it fixed

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May 10, 2010, 12:35 pm
btw the curse thing makes me hit for 0 damage

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May 10, 2010, 1:10 pm
Hi viktor55,
I am aware of the bug and was solving it :)
I am uploading another version.
Also I changed the maximum level of curse to 9, so opponent will have at least 1 damage if cursed(and they have max damage).

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May 10, 2010, 4:10 pm
Hi Shuwan,

Here is my final(probably) minor suggestions.

1) I felt that ice mages are now comparatively weak and chaos mages are comparatively strong. I suggest to lower the levels ice mages need to spend with Regenerate from 10 to 4 or 5, so that ice mages can use the level points to invest elsewhere. Besides, ice mages will need 200 mana now to freeze chaos desert mages in this system now, which means ice mages will run out of mana very soon. So maybe it is better to set it such that FA will require mana = 80 + opponent spell mana/2, or any other cheaper versions;

2) It looks to me that it would be significantly better if chao desert's decrease special bolts can only decrease 2 per sps bolts. 3 per bolts means that if player has invested in LA first and computer has invested in HA first(or vice versa), then after 3rd round great sea and ice mages will be down to 15 sp and after 4th round down to 0, and meanwhile poison water mages will never be able to use decrease special as well;

3) I suggest to change the level of decrease special bolts for Bloodster (the improved one) and sandtracker (the improved one) from 5 to 2 or 3 as well;

4) For poison water mages, I would suggest to swap the position between DS and Trigger poison (Just to increase chances against chaos mages and increase game difficulty against other mages). Also, I would suggest to move Poisoned death back to 40. (If at poison level 40 or above, a poison mage has basically won already anyway because he can always repeat poison wave + trigger until the other dies; at poison level 45 he cannot use poisoned death to speed up games in this way)

5) Now Magesblood is at level 96 when seen in the arena, which is a bit odd. We may add him back one HA bolt and one LA bolt to take him back to 100;

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May 10, 2010, 11:38 pm
I found another bug: Every time I start the game with a Chaos Desert Mage, and I choose to use the default robe, I appear (sorry if I spell that wrong) with a Great Sea Mage default robe, also, in the dialogues, I appear with the robe of the last Mage that spoke. And please, lower the nesesary (sorry (again) if I spell that wrong)poison effect for Paralized.

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May 11, 2010, 1:04 am

6) Rather than pure randomization, it may be better to make high mages appear more often when black robes is trying to recruit the more powerful mages like Chilldream, Iceshade, etc in the white path recruitment events.

7) I do not know what the mages will gossip about "me" when Iceroot looks good on me, because I would never have chance to visit before entitled as high mage of white robes. Maybe it is better to allow to visit the "about you" during missions as if the case of training ground?

8) It may be equally good to keep curse for dark wood mages to level 10, just take out the "zero power" effects would be as good.

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May 12, 2010, 12:24 pm
ff1985hk, thanks for you help :) Really appreciate you input.
Here are the updates:
As suggested, Ice mage freeze requirement changed to 50+opponent mana used/2
Decrease chaos desert decrease special to maximum 2 points.

Some changes to poison mana and special points requirement. (I understand your point of switching DS with Paralize, I'll probably go with your idea. It needs more work to make the switch so give me sometime)

MageBlood back to lvl 100!

Player can visit the bar anytime! Even when during missions.

Fixed the costume bug.

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May 12, 2010, 11:56 pm
i found A bug too it is like the one heartflame put up except that it is when a Great Sea fights a darkwood the great sea will use it's mana drain
and the darkwood will use it lower attack so every attack you use will be 0 and the darkwood will always have 0 mana so the game like stops i hope you can fix this :)

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May 13, 2010, 1:48 am
Hi Shuwan, I have found some bugs.

1. Sometimes when computers are nearly out of mana (less than 10), they can cast HA or LA without casting the basic spells;

2. Sometimes when the computer has lower than 20 special points, I cannot cast twice; I found that happened in my defense turn;

3. When I challenged Owleye in the arena, when it is at curse level 3 (my power level is 2), all my bolts become zero-powered already; (luckily I always have AP ;) )

4. I found that freeze attack mana cost is a bit weird, I saw an ice mage freezing my 20+ mana attack with 100+ (Silverkin in mage contest and Freezebone in arena at least); I also saw corruptor using paralyze at the cost of 1 mana;

5. Suggestions: I always cheat by keeeping a lot of points unspent right after the young mage contest, so that I could play with the low level mages in arena and increase my BoM ranking quickly (low lvl ones are by far easier to beat with). I would suggest either way to stop the cheat if necessary:

i) Level of mage in arena matches points unspent of player + level of player;

ii) Level of mage in arena increases with the ranking of BoM of player, but it will make the game more inflexible, in my opinion;

6) Suggestions: If players can visit the bar at any time, then I suggest to disable challenging the mysterious hermit when having mission, otherwise it may cause bugs.

Hope my opinions will help.

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May 14, 2010, 10:33 am
Hi, new update!

Poison Water's paralyzed and reduce special swapped!
Fixed: Curse will only reduce damage to 1.
Twice bug fixed
Freeze AI bug fixed
BOM ranking:
above rank 70 - mages to challenge will be level 40 or more
above rank 50 - mages to challenge will be level 60 or more
above rank 30 - mages to challenge will be level 80 or more
Mysterious hermit is disabled.
Game manual updated!

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