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Addictive Tri Peak

Game Description :
A classic Tri-Peak solitaire game with with a twist! Special cards to help you in each level.

Developer's Note :
Play Tri-peak with four special cards, "Stop Time", "Undo", "Wild Card" and "Restart". Every 4 levels, there will be a Pair(also known as Memory) game where players can collect more even special cards.

Game Plays : 15799

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I doubt many of the people on this forum even know how to play TriPeaks. 

I've been a TriPeaks nut for 15 years. I have the pro version from NobStudio on my iPhone. Is there a site/page that explains the points system? I've been playing this particular game for about 8 months and still don't know why I get 'bonus points' for this or for that. It sure would make the game more fun... 

Nothing... btw that was a year ago so i dont know.. 

what are u guys talkin` `bout 

umm so what soon my power level will be over NINE THOUSAND! 

Ha! I beat you to bringing it back from the dead to kill it again! 

hmm i see that grm 

Well, this forum has hardly any posts. 

This game it's too confusing! 

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