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Gold Machine

Game Description :
The peaceful island was invaded by Evil General and his army! You must help the native mouse operates the Gold Machine, and defeat the Evil Army!

Developer's Note :
version 1.08

Game Plays : 32378

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good for you. now dont curse grm but i wont get mad becuase you censored it. well. 

Listen motherf**ker, as long as I stand these forums will not die. 

these forums are dead. 

There should be an option where you can go to fullscreen in all games 

yeah...5 out of 5's don't need to be explained and such. 

Excuse me, but if you give it such a low rating as 2.5/5, you should explain why. 

not the best game id rate it 2 and a half out of five 

make a user intro duction forum! 

hi i think this game is good but also lacking in a few areas by the way in new here 

well its gold so it must be awesome 

couldn't get into this game 

and can u make the mice turning around when you throw it? 

please put a restart or reset level button 


maybe boost the flying units ai a bit,i find that some times they drop a mine im empty space or goes off screen,also i dint find the normal rat warrior rat stats in information screen(iasking this as the enemy fliyng unit is 2 hp points weaker,so the ally warrior rat could be diferent from the enemy one) 

People, do you find it great to post a few times in the forum, then leave it forever? But anyway, great game, though the "Back to Machine" button would occasionally not respond. 

great game armory mode is the best 

really addicting and enjoyable like the controller 

its frigging hard 

and 1 more thing: when you pause you can still use the machine functions and the machine can still move. 

Huh, when changing into tower mode the enemies just walk right past you. 

i just tried it and i glitched on the level where the machine turns into a tower for the first time. i beat the level but it wouldn't let me go on. might wanna fix that. < never mind. 

I haven't really played it but from the tutorial I find it lacking in a few areas 

awesome, i love this game so far 

i like this game 

I personaly liked the music and all... But the retreat and (not so important) attack button were great ideas! I'm neutral on the achievments thingy. Challenge mode is also a good idea. 

I myself understood the instructions on how to get back into the sandbox mode very well. 

the instruction on how to get back to sandbox mode is a little bit misunderstandable at first i tried to drag the controller to each button one by one 

achievments would be great. and maybe killing enemys should be rewarded with energy 

Yeah, a challenge mode would be awesome. 

I agree. The Reply field must be at least 10 characters in length. 

Great game! My only suggestion (aside from adding a challenge mode as mentioned above) is to add buttons to tell all of your mice to retreat or attack. It would make it much easier to control your units and get them out of harms way (if approached by masses of purple units) or destroy threats to the machine. I'm not saying that mice should only be controlled by these buttons, but I think that it would make the controls easier if the player could use these buttons in addition to being able to drag mice individually. 

Hey, can I ask you something totally out of the subject? Where's Xihui? 

Thanks guys. I am working on it to make it better. Adding more levels, a mute button and perhaps challenges like what steventhepep suggested. jayisgames has reviewed the beta version which I submitted for their contest. Check it out! Review by Jayisgames 

need a mute button otherwise good game 

pretty good game. :D 

this is a good fun creative game, but I have two suggestions 1: make it longer, and 2 make a challenge mode like complete the game without changing from big mouse mode or complete the game without reviving any mice or something like that 

The game is pretty cool.... 

Not bad, not bad... 

Just updated the game to make it more polished. Ver 1.07 1. screen won't return to machine unless you click the "Back to Machine" button or when machine is moving. 2. Improved AI for mouse and flying u nits. eg.Drop mouse behind machine and he will stay behind. 3. Some balancing to reduce number of times required to switch mode in last few levels. 4. Fix bugs eg. Zoom button 

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