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Grave Digger

Game Description :
This Halloween, dig and collect as much gold as possible! Drive away the ghost by clicking on them.

Developer's Note :
2008 Halloween Game. In this fun and addictive clicker game, drive away ghosts, upgrade, and try to get as much gold as possible.

Game Plays : 30136

game discussions

*now were in the old ones* 

Well, it doesn't suck so much, it's a classic shooting game. I think it's good that you remembered the good old retro games. 

It's true, this game sucks. 

but it works 

this game sucks 

Hello ohuff1, there was some issue with the pre-loader so you won't actually see the bar loading until the game is completely loaded. The game is working fine. When you see a blank white screen, just wait for it, it will definitely load. Let me know if this works for you, thanks. 

it wont work 

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