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Hell Tour

Game Description :
On the eve of Halloween, you woke up to find yourself in HELL! And the only way to get out is to make your way to deepest level!

Developer's Note :
This is our competition entry for JayIsGames' 6th Casual Gameplay Design Competition. Explore each level, look for a key, kill some monsters, and proceed to the next level. Remember to MAX 1 of your stats before the final level.

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good game... 

I actually find the game quite fun, with diffeerent endings and a tricky way to survive. Level 19 is ultra easy if you max out defense, attack, and soul. All enemies deal 0 damage except for the 500 HP and the 1000 HP ones. Though the fact that level ups cost 400 money made it too easy to max stuff up. 

*old* . 

If you want it to be harder, just don't buy anything. 

fun game, lots of different ways to beat it. Being able to purchase level-up's from the store made it way too easy though :D If the Level-up didn't give a soul regen then it would prolly be alil more legit. 

'Too repetitive'? 

Too repetitive 

i became the devil 

Defeated with a maxed out move stat. It was really fun, though it did tend to get stale eventually. It seems like the defense stat and that attack stat were moot later into the game, since creatures can just one hit you if they'd like. I just went around ker-instakilling things to death. 

shuwan Here is a very nice walkthrough of the game Hell Tour. Thanks Ayumilove! 

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