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Nob War: Elves

Game Description :
Lead your troops to conquer 20 castles. Battle against troops of humans, elves and centaurs!

Developer's Note :
You will assume control of the elves while the humans and centaurs battle against your enemy. See game tips for more information.

Game Plays : 183506

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I see them!  

probaly no one will see my posts:( 


it`s aprtty good game but if it was online and you coud control your centars and humens that would make it even better i would give it a 8/10 

Why do you want us to pay for everything?! 

Very much enjoyed this game, love the look, the feel and the controls. Main issue is one of balance, and I think this could be partly remedied by not allowing you to spend the money gained in unsuccessful attacks--it's easy to beat a level if you have the extra $$$ but if you're trying to beat a "days" score you have to go back to the beginning. It might also be better if you had to pay for everything--not just level up but the in-game waves of centaurs and humans and perhaps get credit at the end for surviving elves and flag guards. Last suggestion--distance travelled would be better shown as distance to go. I do hope there is going to be a sequel and look forward to it. 

Such a bad spelling... 

The game was good i liked it well made the way the game is set out is amazing and i like how units go up lvls and you can get more soldiers on spawn amount if upgrade 

It's might be too late to say this, but, it should be a select level button. 

This game is awesome!!! 

i got 1 word...AWESOME!!! 


this is a gd game and it passes time =D 

Hi there, Did you play through the first level? There are designated keys for those units. I believe it is the 'b' and 'v' keys, or you can click on the icons when they are ready. You do not get to control them though. You only decide when it is appropriate for them to join in the battle. Cheers. 

Hi, How to add Humans and Centaurs to my army ?? Thanks 

i never seen a game like this .. its Veeeeeeeeeeeeeery nice .. i hope NobStudio make alot like this .. making army .. lvls Up .. fight others for their castles .. and i hooooooooooooope its online it well be the best of all !! thx for NobStudio + send me the link of the new games like this game + best wishes ,have fun,and good luck. love, Sky 

I never quite was able to make my own elves melee... was I supposed to push a button to do that, or what? They always just sat there and got slaughtered until I pulled them out. Which wasn't a problem, my elves were fast enough to just outrun threats. I really like the flag guard concept. Usable to fight, yet vital to victory. I won nearly every battle with extreme ease, and it was monotonous to a point, but those few fights that I got in trouble during were great. Trying to keep up with the flag guard's pace to keep them out of trouble was a strategic endeavor, and running with only two elves left to my name was thrilling. Only direct suggestions I have is to make it so I can either kill my human/centaurs or replace them. Quite a few times I'd be in desparate need of humans who could really fight, but have one just straggling far behind the pack. I'd have to wait for them to catch up (since he wouldn't put his dang shields down) in order to catch up, all for him just to die. The fire arrows are also thoroughly useless - with max arrow damage, the level 1 fire arrow was more than enough to slaughter my enemies. And when the enemies got fire arrows, humans became even more useless. Overall, I'd say 3.75/5 (unorthodox rating) or 7.5/10. I enjoyed it, but there could have been more. 

No problem. You can edit your post if you want, top right of your post, there's a "edit post" link. 

sorry for caps 

fire arows DO have use they go through humans armor and liteALY OWN HUMANS SO UPGRADE THEM EVERY FEW OEMAL AROW UPGRADES 

Very detailed! I didn't even know that. 

"Arrows" increase damage of all arrow attacks by one, while "Fire Arrows" increase extra damage by fire arrow attack by one. "Arrows" actually covers what "Fire Arrows" does, and is $50 cheaper, so only upgrade "Fire Arrows" once to get the ability unless you have too much to spend. The $6000 "Heal Wounded" is extremely important, it actually doubles your archer number. "Health" and "Melee" are two very important upgrades: They are cheap and they affect not only your archers, but also centaurs and human. "Health" and "Troop Size" both increase maximum archer number, but "Troop Size" increases the amount of arrows fired as well. 

And it's now up on and many other sites :) 

Thanks for all your suggestions and feedback. This game will be going live on the 9th of April. 

this game was very good. I enjoyed it very much. Thought the centaurs were sort of cheap but not at the same time. Also the humans sheiled every time near a enemy making them slow. so i advise you to make them only activate whenn one of them gets hit by a arrow.Alla in all though, it was really good 

noah6822: thanks for your feedback. The challenge for this game is to spend as less days to complete as possible. caprindo: thanks~ I add a nice ending for next version(probably controlling human or centaurs instead of elves), as this version is already accepted by sponsor, going live soon. 

Epic! All I suggest is a really cool end scene. BTW, Best one yet keep up the good work! 

i would tell about the up arrow, but somebody beat me to it. suggestion, make it so you earn more money, instead of having to repeat the end battle many times to fully upgrade. 

congratz, you found the cheat button :) The cheat will be removed after the beta test. 

GLITCH: if you press up at all, you move to the next level with all the money you would have gotten from completing it. 


i thought this was going to be a rts game, i would love a game that took these graphics and added more units and a rts part of it( loved the way you control the archer but would be nice if you could adjust the aim) 

very good aktole thought it was online but still good 

Really good, great job 

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