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War Machines

Game Description :
Take your War Machine into battle to become the champion!

Developer's Note :
A Rock/Scissors/Paper game with a twist. Use cards to amplify or reduce damage during each turn. Push an opponent off to win. Defeat all 15 cities' war machines!

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You should explain that in a User Introduction topic, kidrobot. And people should list which browser and which Flash build they had if they encounter a bug. 

Hey! I just wanted to let everyone know that I am visit45, just a new account. :P 

What do I do? 

After I finish the tutorial, the game plays by it self. 

Whenever I would go ultimate mode, if it DIDN'T push opponent off the edge, it would get stuck there. I started a new game though and it isn't doing it anymore, not sure what that was about. Very cool game btw. 

Hi zepdrix, I have never encounter that bug before. I tested a few times but couldn't get the bug to appear. I hope it is just a one time jam up of the flash... If it happen again let me know. Thanks! 

The game seems to stop when i use ultimate mode.. it doesn't freeze, it's just that: after ultimate does his push thing.. the machine disappears from the screen like it's turning back into it's previous form.. but it's stuck right there, with my war machine off screen somewhere.. nothing happens after that, nothing is clickable. maybe i'm missing something, help would be appreciated :D 

Other than Book of mages: The Dark Times, and Witch Hunt: NooBoo Mary, This is my Favorite game on Basically my 3 favorite game on :) 

[Ridley293] My stratagy would be to always have a transform card in defense, just in case! Also Energy recharge 11. 

[Eidenhoek] I like getting the Increase Resistance powerups. Yeah, it requires some losses maybe to get some money *cough*... But when your enemy can't hurt you because you have +5 to both defenses, I think it's worth it. Back that with a decent push and a high +energy, and you're set. I *suppose* if your opponent activates ultimate mode, that's bad...but with a good decrease energy on attack, that fixes that. 

[shuwan] For me I prefer to get all the RECHARGE ENERGY power-ups and store up energy for ULTIMATE MODE. I bought some RESIST PUSH cards to reduce opponent's pushing power. At later stage I bought power-ups that can permanently increase push or resistance. 

[gamerk] First thing to buy is ACTION power-ups. Try to get the best "RECHARGE ENERGY" power-up as soon as possible. Rest of the money goes to "BOOST PUSH" under "ATTACK" power-ups. I only start improving my "DRAW" and "DEFEND" power-ups after stage 2. I go for "RESIST PUSH" for defend and "BOOST PUSH" for draw. At each stage where we get to increase one STATES, I pump "PUSHPOWER". If "PUSHPOWER" reaches max, pump "RESIST PUSH". With this build I can finish a game pretty fast if I am lucky for the first few rounds. But against warmachines that focus on "DAMAGE", if the game drags more than 10 rounds, I will change tatic and stop using power-ups(I wont be able to use power-ups as well as my warmachine STATUS is low), save up energy for "ULTIMATE" mode. My final build is "ACTION" ---- "RECHARGE 11", REPAIR MACHINE 9", ULTIMATE WARMACHINE!" "ATTACK" ---- "BOOST PUSH 5", "POWER PUSH", "INCREASE PUSH" "DEFEND" ---- "RESIST PUSHBACK", "TIME LAPSE", "TRANSFORM" "DRAW" ---- "BOOST PUSH 3", "REPAIR MACHINE 5", "RECHARGE ENERGY 6" 

We had a short discussion on different strategies to beat the game in the old forum. I am going to paste them here for your reference. 

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